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Migrant Caravan Halted by Heavy Rain

Over five thousand migrants were sheltered at the Benito Juarez Sports Complex in the Zona Norte neighborhood of Tijuana, Mexico, until rain left the facility flooded. Less than a week later, the majority of the migrants were moved to a new shelter ten miles southeast of the previous one.

Dozens of migrants remain camped outside of the Benito Juárez Sports Complex, despite the government-owned and run facility shutting down on Sunday, December 2. Some decided not to move to the new shelter because of how far it is from the port of entry, where applications to seek asylum in the United States are taken.

Nashville Tornado Relief

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, numerous people and organizations gathered in North Nashville, Tennessee to provide food and goods for victims of the recent tornado. The organizations aimed to fill a void left in the citywide relief efforts. In North Nashville, The Red Cross partnered with Gideon’s Army and the McGruder Family Resource Center to distribute goods across the area. However, many residents did not know where to pick up the goods. Which prompted the need for a resource delivery system and more centralized location.


Smiles From The Heart Free Dental Care

Patients at Smiles From The Heart were given blue booties before they entered Chandler Park Dental Care so they would not track in hay from the outdoor waiting room that was setup to accommodate the large volume of people.

People from numerous states gathered at Chandler Park Dental Care for the 10th annual Smiles from the Heart on Saturday, February 21, 2020. This event offers free cleanings, filings, extractions, and x-rays for those who would otherwise not be able afford them. The event was started to fill a void being left in the community. Many people are unable to acquire the dental care they need due to lack of finances or inadequate insurance.

Dennis Legawiec has suffered from chronic tooth pain for the past year, but was not able to get the services he needed until attending Smiles from the Heart. “I’m insured, but Ive called 14 places in Bowling Green and none of them accept Medicare or Medicaid.”, said Legawiec.

With the prices of dental procedures being so high, many individuals are left to make tough decisions on whether to tend to their oral needs or provide themselves and their families with basic human services.

Brooke Stovall (left) and her family wait to be seen by dentists at Smiles from the Heart. When asked about other options for her and her family, Stovall said “Pay out of pocket and go hungry that week.”.

Diana Proffitt started volunteering for Smiles from the Heart 5 years ago to honor her late friend, Kim Jackson. Kim Jackson was the wife of Eli Jackson, a dentist at Chandler Park Dental Care. Proffitt and Jackson became friends while working as ambulatory nurses at the Bowling Green Medical Center. Proffitt promised Dr. Jackson she would volunteer for the organization as long as she was physically able to in memory of her friend.

Terry Horn gets an x-ray before getting an extraction at Smiles from the Heart.

Sergeant Ron Helus Funeral

On November 15, 2018, Law Enforcement Officers from around the country gathered for the funeral service and burial of Sergeant Ron Helus, who was tragically killed in a shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill on November 7, 2018.

Skirball Fire

The Skirball Fire caused pandemonium and forced many residents of Bel Air Canyon to evacuate their homes. The Fire scorched 422 acres from December 6, 2017-December 15, 2017 and destroyed 6 structures while damaging 12 others.

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