Nurturing Growth Through Understanding

The love and support Amanda Guerra receives from her family is of the utmost importance to her. Its impact on her life fuels her desire to educate children on subjects that can be difficult for them to understand or talk about, like child abuse and neglect.

A Quest To Find Oneself

As Wesley Smith grows older, he has began to further desire personal freedom, despite his acute autism. This is opening new doors for himself, his mother, Karey Riddell, and her recently opened business.


As COVID-19 creeps into our world, the town and residents of Bowling Green, Kentucky are left with no choice but to adapt to its place in society, and the regulations constructed to limit its spread.






Zane Meyer-Thornton is a visual journalist currently living in Bowling Green, KY. There, he attends Western Kentucky University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Photojournalism, minoring in Sociology. He believes visuals develop the strongest sense of emotion and understanding within us, and wants to use this knowledge to produce content that furthers societies understanding of sociological issues that continue to impact individuals everywhere. He knows none of what he does would be possible without individuals giving him a glimpse into their reality. For that, he promises to always show them accurately depicted with undoubted authenticity.

Outside of storytelling he enjoys music, mixed martial arts, cooking, writing, and photographing his daily life.